Discovery Flight - Pilot for a Day

Have you ever gazed up at the planes flying overhead and wondered what it would be like to be in command of that Boeing 747 or maybe that Cessna Skyhawk?
Well this is your perfect opportunity to find out!
At Canada Aviation Academy we offer an experience that allows you to take control of a real airplane! You will start by following along as your instructor does the pre-flight inspection and pre-takeoff checklists. Then, while seated in the much coveted “left seat” you will enjoy the pilots’ eye view of the takeoff, monitoring all radio communications through your radio headset. During the flight your instructor will demonstrate basic control of the flight and then the best part — you will get control of the aircraft to try your hand at flying it on your own! (with instructor supervision).

This is an experience you are not likely to forget. After having some fun up in the skies your instructor will once again take control of the aircraft, bringing you in for a gentle landing.

We have two options to enjoy this amazing experience.

Discovery Flight

The Discovery Flight is a one hour lesson that includes 30 minutes of Ground Briefing and 30 minutes in the plane. This time can be counted towards obtaining your pilots license. 
After your Discovery Flight, you and your instructor will discuss the flight and any questions you may have. Beyond just being the thrill of a lifetime, your flight will help you to decide if flight training is for you. If it is, you’ll want to obtain a logbook and record your first 30 minute flight!

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Pilot for a Day

The Pilot for a Day Program includes the Discovery Flight along with a video of your whole flight! 
A logbook will be provided free of cost if you decide to enroll yourself for flight training towards a permit or licence.

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