The following are the various guides that will be required over the course of your training with Canada Aviation Academy. You can download them for viewing/printing as required over the course of your training. (Use the Download Link if it does not open properly)
Guides for pre-solo students:
PSTAR Exam Questions – Transport Canada’s list of questions on air regulations that you are required to be tested on to obtain a Student Pilot Permit (SPP) before your first solo.
Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) – Manual containing a lot of important information of pilots of all levels. Find the answers to the PSTAR questions by referring to this manual.
Radio Exam Study Guide  – Industry Canada’s study guide for the radio exam. Required to be completed prior to the first solo.
Radio Calls Guide (Download) – Explains about making radio calls when flying around the Kamloops airport.
Circuits @ CYKA (Download) – How to fly the circuit pattern in Kamloops.


VFR Phraseology - NAV Canada guide for VFR Radio Communication
IFR Phraseology - NAV Canada guide for IFR Radio Communication
RNAV Phraseology - NAV Canada guide for RNAV Radio Communication
Flight Test Preparation Notes (for all Licences)
Recreational Pilot Permit (RPP) Guides
Private Pilot License (PPL) Guides
Night Rating
Commercial Pilot Licence

Flight Instructor Rating