( COVID-19 Travel Plan )

Students travelling to Canada from aboard during COVID-19 requires preparation.

The plan is divided into three main phases:

1.     Pre-Arrival
2.     Quarantine
3.     Post Quarantine

Our Team at Canada Aviation Academy Incorporated (CAAI) has prepared a general plan for all students. We would help prepare each student their personal plan when they get their student visa approved.

The plan must include:
  • Personal information
  • Flight/arrival details
  • Transportation information – how you plan to get to your self-isolation location from the airport by avoiding public transit.
  • Self-isolation accommodation details – type of accommodation, city, and address
  • Outline of arrangements that you have made, or will make, for necessary supplies to be delivered to you (food, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene products, medications, etc.)

1.     Pre-Arrival Phase

a. Test Negative for COVID-19

The Government of Canada requires all the air passengers over the age of five to get tested Negative for COVID-19 disease before travelling from another country to Canada. Prior to boarding a flight to Canada, passengers must present to the airline documentation of a negative laboratory test result, the test must be performed using a COVID-19 molecular polymerase chain reaction (or PCR) test and must be taken within 72 hours prior to scheduled departure to Canada.

b.     The Federal ArriveCAN App and Provincial BC Self-Isolation Plan 

Before arriving in Canada, students will be required to complete and submit a self-isolation plan via the ArriveCAN App and BC Self-Isolation Plan irrespective of whether they have symptoms of COVID-19 or not. This plan will outline the location and procedure for self-isolation and will be reviewed by government officials upon arrival in Canada.

When you have the plan ready here are the steps:

i. Download and Complete the Federal ArriveCan Application (48 hours prior to departure)

To submit your information to the Canadian Government, you can download the ArriveCAN app though the iPhone App Store, through Google Play app or use the web version. This App collects basic personal information, COVID-19 symptoms, and 14-day Quarantine Plan. This information is used to help contain COVID-19 in Canada.

ii. Complete a BC (Provincial) Self-Isolation Plan

In addition to the federal ArriveCan app, the BC Provincial Government also requires you to submit a self-isolation plan. This can also be done prior to your arrival in Canada, through their website.
  • Go to the provincial government site and read the page Self Isolation on Return to BC
  • Scroll down and click on
  • Fill in your personal information, travel, and arrival information

iii. Hotel Reservations

Make Sure that Team CAAI has done the Hotel Reservations on your behalf for the Quarantine Phase.

c.    Bring a Cell phone and a Laptop

Students should have a cell phone that can connect to the Airport Wi-Fi, so, that they can contact Team CAAI on arrival. The laptop will help students start studying while in self-isolation.

d.     Travel & Medical Insurance

Students should arrange the travel insurance before boarding the flight from their home country which should at least cover 3 months. (For any questions regarding this, Team CAAI is available to answer).

2.    Quarantine Phase

Students will be provided with the contact information for Team CAAI members, who they can contact anytime during this phase.

a. At the Airport

On arrival at the Vancouver International Airport, students must:

  1. Answer eligibility and health screening questions including quarantine plans.
  2. Provide required information and documents to the authorities.
  3. Take a COVID-19 Molecular test.
  4. Collect a test kit for use later during your quarantine.
  5. Get their Study Permit issued by the Immigration Officer.

b. Transportation

Students must travel straight to the pre-booked hotel near Vancouver International Airport for 3 days, afterwards to the self-isolation location at Sandman Hotel Abbotsford Airport. Students should avoid public transit such as buses and sky-train to ensure that your mode of transportation from the airport to your accommodation is as safe as possible.
All students (coming to study at CAAI) while they are in Canada are responsibility of CAAI. Team CAAI will provide/arrange the transportation from Vancouver International Airport to quarantine locations.

c. Self-Isolation Location

CAAI has collaborated with Sandman Hotel Abbotsford Airport (Sandman) where the student will be provided with a room for Self-Isolation.
This stay meets and exceeds the Federal Quarantine/Self-Isolation requirement of 14 days, student would be staying at the Sandman for 30 days. This would provide students a place to stay for 16 days after the required 14 days Self-Isolation period without worrying to rush to move out to any accommodation not having seen it, during these 16 Days students can take their time to visit around and look for their full-time accommodation, team CAAI will help students to look around during these 16 days.
A sample letter from Sandman for Self-Isolating guests is available here.

The First 3 Days of Quarantine Phase has to be spent in a Hotel near Vancouver International Airport until their COVID-19 Test comes out as Negative. The next 11 Days of Quarantine would be spent in Sandman Hotel Abbotsford Airport as indicated above.
If the COVID-19 test results come as Positive, then the students would have to relocate to a designated quarantine facility or other suitable place of quarantine approved by the Government until the recovery.

On the Tenth day of Quarantine, the students have to do another COVID-19 Test using the Test Kit collected at the Airport on arrival. The quarantine phase will only be over after the 14th day if this test result come out as Negative.

d.      Medical Insurance

As an international student, you must have medical insurance for the entire duration of your studies. In British Columbia, the health insurance is provided through government through Medical Services Plan (MSP). MSP is a mandatory health insurance plan, for everyone who lives in British Columbia (BC) for six months or longer. MSP covers the cost of basic medical care within Canada, including most physician and hospital services. In most cases, you will not have to pay at the time you seek medical care when you show your BC Services Card. For a full list of your medical and health care benefits, visit the MSP website.
International student should Apply for MSP online immediately after the arrival. There is a three-month waiting period before MSP coverage begins. As a result, it is strongly recommended that the Students should get a medical insurance to cover initial 3 months of MSP waiting period.

e.     Food Delivery
Many restaurants in Abbotsford offer delivery service through 3rd parties, such as Skip-The-Dishes and Doordash. Each of these service providers drive to the restaurant to pick up your order and deliver to your door (for a fee). You can find a list of participating restaurants on the different sites below, or alternatively, when you go to a specific restaurant site – they may forward you to the delivery app that they are affiliated with.
Sandman allows these services to deliver the food to your room.

i.           Restaurant Delivery Service Providers:

ii.           Grocery and other Delivery Service Providers:

There are many websites and apps available to order groceries in Abbotsford. Here are just a few:

Supermarkets in Abbotsford offer delivery service as well (for a fee). Here are just a few:

Team CAAI will be in contact everyday via internet apps or phone calls to check how you are doing and once the 14-Days Self Isolation is complete will provide transportation to take you around to look for the accommodation.

3.    Post Quarantine Phase

a.    Team CAAI will provide the transportation to show around and go look for places you until you finalize the accommodation.
b.    Finally! students will start their training, the main reason they are in Canada for.

Procedure if COVID-19 symptoms are exhibited during the Quarantine Phase

  • In the event that a student becomes unwell and/or demonstrates any symptoms of illness including but not limited to sore throat, difficulty breathing, sneezing, etc. They will be required to contact 811 to determine if a Covid-19 test is required.
  • Team CAAI will assist the student with contacting 811 and if in event they would need to see a doctor or visit the testing centre, arrangements will be made for the transportation.
  • Sandman Hotel’s cleaning protocols will be followed if the student is tested ‘positive’ with COVID-19 disease while residing there during the Quarantine Phase.

Mental Health and Social Stigma

CAAI is aware that travelling to an unfamiliar country and being isolated for 14 days can be a challenge on one’s mental health. We will maintain regular contact with our international students during the Quarantine Phase to ensure that they are coping with the stresses as mentioned above.
If necessary, we will assist them in access to:
  • A therapist or counselor
  • An appointment with a qualified medical professional
  • Access to online support groups (e.g. here2talk App)
Canada Suicide Prevention Service 1-833-456-4566 (24 hours a day)
Crisis Text Line - Text TALK to 686868

CAAI strives to eliminate social stigma related to COVID-19 by:
  • Applying policies and procedures to everyone at CAAI
  • Addressing concerns, rumors and/or misconceptions quickly
  • Promoting a fair and respectful learning and working environment for all
  • Maintaining transparency and trust with staff members and students
  • Remaining focused on keeping everyone at CAAI safe and healthy

Compliance Issues

Students will be informed that non-compliance could result in fines or jail time.

  • Team CAAI will notify the Provincial Health Officer, Fraser health authorities and the Private Training Institutions Branch of any compliance issues within 24 hours, when and if they arise, during the quarantine phase.
  • Local bylaw officers will be asked to help ensure compliance with the Provincial Health Officer’s orders.
  • Team CAAI will assist the offender in an effort to determine what the barriers to quarantine are, giving them the best opportunity to comply with the Quarantine Phase and be able to reach the Post Quarantine Phase.